Carrier-1 Expands Network Services with Fiberlight

March 27, 2018

Carrier-1 Data Centers Realizes Cost Savings, Expands Service Offerings with FiberLight

From enabling cloud connectivity to reducing costs,FiberLight’s carrier grade network enables data center transformation.

In Their Words...

“With FiberLight’s dark fiber services, we were able to cut our internet access fees by at least 50%, compared to several carriers.“We are always working with new clients who will require additional network connections into theCarrier-1 facility. FiberLight is at the top of our list to either resell their services or recommend for direct services.“FiberLight offers one of the best footprints in the NorthTexas region. Our clients demand high reliability with extreme flexibility. FiberLight can meet these demands in a cost effective manner.“FiberLight has always been a reliable partner and their ability to quickly deploy a customized solution is valuable to us.”

- Trey Berndt Executive Vice President

The Challenge

When Carrier-1 expanded its network offering in 2017, the Dallas-area data center sought to partner with a cost effective, high performance fiber provider to fulfill three main network goals. Its first priority was to expand its suite of service offerings for its customers.It also needed to connect its new facility with other internet service providers not previously built into its location. Lastly, it aimed to increase diverse route options into its facility.

Alternatives Considered

Before partnering with FiberLight, Carrier-1 considered several other leading providers for lit and dark fiber services. Ultimately, however, it chose FiberLight as its network partner because our fiber-rich network topography matched its needs closest and allowed it to maximize investments. FiberLight was also able to meet the expectations of Carrier-1’s cost conscious clients for high reliability and flexibility

Solution Delivered

To address Carrier-1’s trilogy of needs, FiberLight built a redundant dark fiber network into its datacenter facility. Once the infrastructure was complete,FiberLight also delivered a high-capacity DedicatedInternet Access (DIA) circuit. In addition to meetingCarrier-1’s top priorities, the new, robust network also attracted high bandwidth customers, enabled cloud connectivity options, and allowed Carrier-1 to offer additional services to their existing customers.Most significantly, Carrier-1’s internet access fees dropped at least 50% and, as a result, it was able to sign two new high profile clients. More recently, the company has won several other high-value colocation contracts which specifically require access viaFiberLight’s services.The biggest and most vital advantage of the network build was that it allowed Carrier-1 to connect to the Equinix Cloud Exchange, which instantly providedCarrier-1 and their customers access to all the big cloud and content providers - including AWS, Azure,Digital Ocean, and Akamai - and boosting their offerings for prospects and customers. Carrier-1 andFiberLight continue to explore additional collaboration opportunities based on market and industry needs. Carrier-1 continues to recommendFiberLight to its customers who require additional network connections into the Carrier-1 facility.

About FiberLight

FiberLight is a premier provider of fiber-optic based, high-performance networking services. FiberLight owns over 1,900,000 miles of robust fiber networks in over 44 key growth areas in US cities and towns within Georgia, Maryland, Texas, Virginia,Florida, and Washington, D.C.

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