Carrier-1 Maintained 100% Uptime During Winter Storm

February 25, 2021

Despite the Texas deep freeze, Colocation customers stayed online

Carrier-1 Data Centers' multi-megawatt diesel generators in Dallas, Texas

DALLAS, TX, February 25, 2021Carrier-1 Data Centers maintained 100% uptime for their colocation customers’ data infrastructure as frigid temperatures rolled across the state, shutting down some of Texas's natural gas, coal, wind and nuclear facilities. While the extended freezing conditions challenged energy providers to supply power to homes and businesses, Carrier-1 responded proactively to ensure all server equipment in their building remained online.

Facility and electrical teams at Carrier-1 performed load testing on the redundant power systems before the storm hit Dallas as part of their emergency response procedures. The team also commissioned fuel delivery with multiple suppliers to ensure they had access to generator fuel despite the storm dramatically slowing fuel refining and delivery across the region. Once the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) entered emergency conditions and initiated rotating outages, the company was able to seamlessly transition to generator-backed power when utility power was lost.

The augmented staff remained onsite around-the-clock throughout the event to monitor fuel consumption and respond to all environmental control systems. Their onsite technical support team was also fully staffed to address customer support requests.

Peter Pathos, Carrier-1’s CEO commented, “It is critical for businesses to access their data at all times. Unprecedented events like these allows us to prove our worth to our valuable colocation customers. We guarantee continuous uninterrupted power for their server infrastructure and will remain committed to staying fully operational in the future.”


The D-FW Metroplex has one of the largest concentrations of corporate headquarters in the United States. Major industries in Dallas include defense, financial services, information technology, life sciences, semiconductors, telecommunications and transportation. Carrier-1 offers colocation solutions for all types of clients looking to house their data infrastructure in a fault-tolerant facility or to back up their data at a secondary site for disaster recovery planning.


About Carrier-1 Data Centers

Carrier-1 owns and operates a 106,866 square foot datacenter building in Dallas, Texas. Customers may lease colocation space within the building to utilize the redundant infrastructure and environment controls to maintain 100% uptime while receiving access to over 95 network carriers. Multiple racks, Virtual-PODs, cages, private suites and powered shell space are available now with plenty of space for expansion. Clients may also leverage Carrier-1’s office space, business continuity center for personnel and private data center suites within their colocation building. For more information, visit

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