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Webinar Series Part 2: 2015 Cloud, Colocation, and Data Center Planning

Over 90% of firms globally have been advised by Deloitte, Appcara, VIRTUS Data Centres and WiredRE. Join them to explore cloud and data center portfolio investing, EMEA trends, cloud response and bursting, and DCIM.

Participants Will Receive:

1. Article - Cloud & Data Center Forecasting "How Global Brands Fail"

2. Case Study - Cloud Interoperability and Real-time Workload Automation & Bursting

3. Financial Model - Data Center Total Cost of Ownership
4. Modular Data Center Design - Buyer's Guide and TCO Analysis
5. US Data Center Supply Summary
6. EMEA Data Center Supply Summary
7. ASIA-PACIFIC Data Center Supply Summary
8. Global Pricing Recommendation (Construction, Leasing)
9. GLOBAL MARKETS (US, EMEA, ASIA-PACIFIC) Trend Assessment / Cases
Contact WiredRE  |  |  415.670.9734
2015 Cloud & Data Center Planning: Part 2

Day: December 11, 2014
Time: 12 - 1:30pm EST