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Colocation Design Simplified with Carrier-1's Online Tool

Effortless Configuration and Pricing

August 3, 2016; Dallas, TX - The Dallas, Texas based wholesale colocation provider, Carrier-1 Data Centers, has once again made it easier to do business with their Colocation Design Tool. Presale efforts are underway for their second phase, an additional 10,000 square feet of raised floor colocation space in their 106,866 square foot building. This is the second of multiple raised floor halls to be constructed by the provider and building owner.

Colocation customers and prospects may select, edit and save their rack layout within the Carrier-1 Phase-II data center. Power, network and support requirements are noted as well for a complete solution. Email the final configuration to Carrier-1 for pricing.

Carrier-1's Colocation Design Tool features include:

Space planning
Customize the rack layout, cage configuration or Virtual-POD solution

Power and Network allocation
Simply specify how much power is needed per rack and choose from a menu of network options

Design options are emailed to you
Receive a copy of the custom configuration for internal budgeting and planning

Fast turn-around on pricing
Instantly email the configuration to Carrier-1 for a quote request with one click

Expedited ordering and provisioning
Carrier-1 and the tenant are on the same page from day one

"The ability for a tenant to click and select where they want to be placed via an online data center layout is highly unique, convenient and efficient for planning purposes," said David Liggitt, Founder and CEO of datacenterHawk. "Once the space is defined, it's easy to specify additional requirements and request a quote."

The intelligent tool is developed with pre-set parameters for space, power, data connectivity and support, so it's easy to use. Quickly view the data center floor plan and click to design a custom solution all while viewing important information including available space and power capacity per rack. Try it for free and with no obligation to purchase.


About Carrier-1 Data Centers
Carrier-1 owns and operates a 106,866 square foot data center building in Dallas, Texas. Customers may lease colocation space within the building to utilize the redundant infrastructure and environment controls to maintain 100% uptime while receiving access to over 95 network carriers. The facility meets any compliant requirement including PCI, HIPAA and SOX. Multiple racks, Virtual-PODs, private cages and powered shell space is available now with plenty of space for expansion.