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Partner Program

We collaborate with our partners, to our customer's benefit, and compensate them for their efforts.


Partners of Carrier-1 are an essential part of our success. We have designed simple, straightforward and competitive incentive plans for any type of partner. The end goal is to work together to provide innovative solutions centered around our customers.

If you have a relationship with a company who would benefit from colocation or business continuity services with 100% uptime, security, 24/7 onsite support, internet access to any carrier and competitive pricing, then Carrier-1 can help. Let's determine which partner solution is best for you.

  • Referral Partners refer customers to Carrier-1.
    Refer potential customers to Carrier-1 and earn fees for sales that close. Simply provide their contact information and Carrier-1 will work with them directly to propose a solution based on their requirements. The end user becomes a customer of Carrier-1. Compensation is in the form of a monthly recurring referral fee.
  • Resellers are direct customer of Carrier-1.
    Resell our colocation solutions bundled with your offerings, creating a robust, total solution. Add your own layer of expertise or support for a complete package. Increase your profit margin by generating more revenue with less overhead. Sell directly to and provide first level support for your customer. The reseller is a customer of Carrier-1 and maintains direct contact with the end user. Compensation is in the form of discounted rates based on volume.
  • Real Estate Brokers and Agents refer customers to Carrier-1, but maintain direct contact with the customer during the site selection process.
    Brokers and agents have an exclusive, non-biased, arrangement with the end user to represent them during the pre-sales process. Carrier-1 works directly with the broker or agent to develop the solution for the customer while participating in RFPs, tours and negotiations. The customer ultimately signs directly with Carrier-1 if selected. Compensation is in the form of an up-front fee based on term length.

Regardless of how we work together, you will have our complete support.

  • Ability to represent a premium facility with unrivaled internet carrier access
  • Direct access to knowledgeable sales professionals and technical staff for pre- and post-sales support
  • Fast provisioning of new services
  • Marketing collaboration

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